PE MRS 10 – no knee

Please note! The materials below are classified according to ISO 12162. For additional application requirements please refer to the relevant standard. If you cannot download a specific case do not hesitate to contact us!


HD B781 Blue – Asahi Chemical Industry

GP100BKXP – Braskem S.A.

Marlex® H516B Chevron Philips Chemical Company

LH 4100 Natural Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd. (Dec-03)

DGDA-2490BK GL – The DOW Chemical Company (Apr-11)

TAISOX 8001BL – Formosa Plastics Corporation (Jan-10)

AM 3245 PC Black IRPC Public Co. Ltd. (May-06)

BM 3245 PC Black IRPC Public Co. Ltd.

P901BK IRPC Company Ltd (Nov-14)

KEIYO POLYETHY PX1000 Blue Keiyo Polyethylene

P600BL Korea Petrochemical (Feb-06)

Hostalen CRP 100 Orange-Yellow – LyondellBasell Industries (May-10 )

Hostalen CRP 100 RESIST CR Black – LyondellBasell Industries

Hostalen CRP 100 Black – LyondellBasell Industries

Hostalen CRP 100 W blue – LyondellBasell Industries

Hostalen GM 5010 T3 Black – LyondellBasell Industries (Feb-10)

TUB121N3000 Black – PETROCHINA (May-12)


ASRENE SP4808 Natural + CB MB PT – Chandra Asri (Jan-08)

RELENE 46GP003 Reliance Industries Ltd. (Apr-08)

RELENE 46GP003 B – Reliance Industries Ltd. (Apr-09)

Vestolen® A 6060 R Black Sabic EuroPetrochemicals

EL-Lene H1000PBL – SCG Performance Chemicals CO., Ltd. (Jan-08)

YanSan HDPE7600MBL – SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Branch (Apr-08)

Yanshan 7600MO – SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Branch

EL-Lene H1000PC Black Thai Polyethylene

Nipolon hard 6510 Tosoh Corporation

Nipolon hard 6600 – Tosoh Corporation ( Jan-11)

UHXP-4808 BK Univation Technologies (Dec-08)

UHXP-4808 Black Univation Technologies ( Aug-03)